Join Kimberly Haynes

Sounding through the Chakras

7-week masterclass begins April 10, 2010

Saturdays 4-5:30 through May 22, 2010

An in-depth guide through the energetic centers of the body ~ a journey into the most elevated version of YOU


Make your life a work of art

 There is a center of sublime knowledge within every human being,
and when you enter that place, you turn into a great poet –
you don’t have to learn the art of poetry.

~ Swami Muktananda


Inside the Sounding Through the Chakras series:


Sounding (vocal toning) uses your voice to harmonize and balance your cells and the energetic pathways between the Sefirot. Vocal Sounding is essentially “vocal homeopathy” for the brain, body, and soul and is known for its steady state of one tone per exhale. 

The voice itself is a pathway for profound awakening and transformation. 

No singing experience required


Chakra is a sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘circle.’ Conceptualized as rotating spheres or discs of energy situated along the spinal column. They reflect our inner and outer states of being.  Establishing  a kinship with the language of the chakras, we explore our inner and outer worlds toward alignment with our best and most integrated and harmonized selves.

Sonic Portal

Crystal singing bowls will be holding a vibrational and tonal foundation for our sounding practice.  

Bowls like these are often used in the practice of sound healing, creating deep states of meditation with a range of vibrational sounds and frequencies to restore dis-eased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.

Within minutes of the bowl being sounded the vibrational resonance flows through all areas of the body.  


“The important thing for today’s seeker
is to begin from experience,
not from metaphysics.” 

 ~ Arthur Green

Your guide is Kimberly Haynes

Artist in Residence, Cantorial Soloist, Singing Specialist, Certifed Personal, Relationship & Spiritual Life Coach

Kimberly Haynes is an award-winning recording artist and founder of The Yoga of Voice & Vibration.

With a passion for purposeful living, Kimberly Haynes uses her gift of music to journey through the mystical chakras using the voice to vibrate and harmonize these centers.

“When we consciously take the time to go inside and witness what’s there – a certain kind of magic happens. Stuck negativities start to transform into harmonious flow simply by taking the time to be present with ourselves. Habits of thought that undermine your balance and peace, dissolve into the joy of sounding.”

Kim’s commitment is to support you as you embark on this profoundly beautiful practice of personal alignment with your core symphonic vibration.


Yesterday I attended a fantastic, peace inducing “Singing Bowl” session with Kimberly Haynes. This was not my first experience with the sound bowls, but it surpassed anything that came before.
As we were sounding the tones with our own voice, and chanting, I experienced a warm vibration throughout, leaving me longing for more. During the entire session, I felt a flow of peace and tranquility which lasted for the remainder of the day..
Kim – when’s the next session?” ~ Lynn M


Lynn Stevens

“Kimberly has created an exquisitely crafted, healing experience that touches body, mind and soul. Accompanied by singing bowls, her teaching gently guided us through the practice of asanas to open our energy channels and learn about their physical and emotional health benefits. At the end, I felt lighter and healthier than I have in a long time. It is a gift for which I am truly grateful.”


Mary Kalifon

I was extremely touched by the whole process. I found the Chakra Balancing to be very powerful, and beneficial. I noticed subtle (and profound) energy shifts. I want to practice your generous sharing of the processes to continue the healing and growing process.  I am very grateful for your talents, intitution, and generosity.

Channah G

I was so deeply in my body and the visual imagery of the chakras was so profound. I don’t think I’ve ever been inside myself in quite that way and it was where I wanted to be. Periodically, it would seem as if someone turned a bright white light on in front of my eye. I never noticed it dim but it did and then it was as if someone momentarily put on the brights. A magical experience!

Sally H

Inside the Sounding Experience…


In the mind

Reduce stress and anxiety
 Enter deep alpha states with access to your personal stores of wisdom
Increase mental and emotional clarity
Access higher levels of intelligence
Calm and focus the mind
Release endorphins, dopamine & serotonin

New Practices Each Week

At the beginning of each week, you receive an email with the week’s content and journal prompts. You’ll go through the practices at your own pace.

In the body

Reduce anger and blood pressure
 Improve circulation and increase blood flow
Increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream
Stimulate the immune system
✓ Ease hypertension
Reduce stress and anxiety
Promote a felt-sense of well-being

Sounding through the Chakras with Kimberly Haynes

Join in this 5-week in-depth experience balancing and harmonizing the 7 chakra system using the voice and mudras to support the learned material 

Saturdays 4-5:30pm
April 10 – May 22, 2021


$149 early bird til March 15


Sounding through the Chakras

with Kimberly Haynes

7-week series

Saturdays, 4:00-5:30 pm April 10 – May 22, 2021


$149 early bird through March 15

✓  7-week masterclass of elevating and aligning with your highest version of YOU

Weekly study guide and journal prompts


What will I need to participate?

computer, headphones/earbuds, journal, pen/pencil, water, meditation cushion and supports

How do I access the course content?

Your weekly content will be available to you in your student portal.

Your links will be sent to the email address you register with.

Is Sounding through the Chakras for me?

We are committed to access & inclusion for all of our courses, not limited to religion, class, or creed.

We believe all people should have access to healing tools. 

This space is a courageous, brave space for everyone interested in these practices, to show up in the completeness of who they are, including their race, gender identification, partners of choice, and cultural and religious identity.

We keep our commitment to inclusion in mind when creating our offerings, so that all our members feel reflected.