Kim is a true medicine woman, and one of the greatest ways Spirit moves through her is through her voice and inspired teaching.
The world is much better for having her work come forward.


Kimberly ~ It was so special being with you at our friend’s recent healing ceremony.  Your singing is sacred and holy.   You crack open hearts with your voice.  I am convinced that a main reason why her healing was powerful is due to your gifts of your voice. (The ceremony facilitator) said it was the most powerful healing ever….what a gift for her on her B Day.

Everyone was deeply touched, moved, and brought to tears as you sang (and this includes the unseen ones too).

It’s as if you started singing as her healing started and at the end you sang also.. you are a gift that molds sacred moments.

I feel so blessed to be a part of the healing journey on Thursday.

Thank You From All Of Me

Ellen Freeman

Kimberly Haynes is an extraordinary musician, experienced healer and overall awesome human being.
I’ve had the privilege of making music with her and it is an absolute joy.
Kimberly is the kind of musician who inspires anyone she makes music with to give their very best and play from a deeply connected, genuine place… she carries an incredible amount of emotional depth and artistry, and it comes from a place of profound intention and inspiration!
~~ Nick McMennamin

Nick McMennamin

I wanted to thank you again for the very rich workshop yesterday.  I was so impressed with how generous you were with your open process and sound. It was truly an extraordinary experience to be there! As I said in the wrap up circle, I was excited by the concept of voice as instrument and the extension in the spiritual arena of voice as prayer.  ~ Ellen Freeman

Ellen Freeman

“Kimberly’s loving energy made the class joyful and fun, and her practical and applicable instruction gave me real tools I could bring home and practice with. She helped me to recognize and take steps to move past judgements and myths I have believed about my own ability to sing and express myself through song. After class I felt lighter and more connected to life… and I have a new level of confidence and belief in my ability to sing.” ~ Sonia Reback

Sonia Reback

     I showed up in Kimberly’s workshop to connect with community and to connect with my voice, and in showing up I learned how disconnected I truly was from my voice which explains why I didn’t feel empowered and had self esteem issues.. I learned so much about how empowering it is to feel safe to speak your truth and be heard and how we all have similar stories to learn and grow from. Its crucial for me to have a community of people to grow and heal with together.
     I feel that my fear of not being “good enough” or failing has kept me from showing up in the past. Kim’s soul work has had a huge impact on my self confidence/self worth, giving me the tools to empower my self by connecting to my voice. She creates such a beautiful container that feels safe and nurturing. I emerged from her workshop with life enhancing tools to use everyday, personally & musically – and feeling empowered instead of disconnected. I am forever grateful to you Kim for guiding me back to my heart.   ~~ Caroline Hagenau.
Caroline Hagenau

Kim is more gracious in person (than online lessons) with an amazing energy that made me feel relaxed and comfortable.
Having an in-person was so helpful, so she could see me and correct me in the moment!
I feel so honored to be working with her to explore and enhance my unique voice and singing abilities.
She combines a gentle and loving coaching approach along with immense experience and profound expertise.
In just a few lessons, I have learned to make subtle body and breathing adjustments that are having a huge impact on my vocal delivery and confidence.” ~ Mary Gospe

Mary Gospe

Kimberly walks her talk, and goddess, can she SING!
She is deeply compassionate, learned, and her vibrational energy field soothes anyone lucky enough to be around her.
She is immensely talented, but what is most amazing about her is that she wants everyone else to be their very best self, too, and she does all she can to help those she meets to get there.” ~ Mitzi Schwarz

Mitzi Schwarz