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Yoga of Voice & Vibration Workshop

October 20, 2018 - October 21, 2018



Singers, speakers, communicators, teachers!
Actors, musicians, Seekers, chanters!
Are you ready to abandon self-judgement and fear?

Are you ready to express yourself clearly and authentically?
Are you ready to connect with your most unique mode of expression?
Are you ready to meet yourself and others with greater clarity and intention?

Ancient tradition and modern experts agree that traumas and negative cultural conditioning are stored in the fifth chakra (also known as the throat chakra). Stuck energy in this area can present as an inability to express oneself comfortably and easily through speech, song, and vocalization.
Freeing the voice is opens the flow of energy through this important center of expression.

~ Use your voice with ease
~ Let go of tension and strain
~ Heighten sound awareness – allowing you to experience your inner landscape in deeper more profound ways naturally leadingto feelings of groundedness and self-confidence;
~ Develop a true and deep connection with your vibrational fingerprint, that magnetic force that is your essence
~ Learn to listen, receive, and generate sound that supports a felt sense of interconnection between you, your loved ones, family, community and the greater world.
~ Recognize the power of your unique voice vibration to connect deeply with yourself, your purpose, and with others in fulfilling and loving ways that promote beauty and joy.
~ Consciously express and embody your authentic sound with ease
~ Artfully express from a place of freedom and strength
~ Restructure negative pathways leading to greater grounding in your pure potential leading to a fully embodied expression


Focusing on methods to access the inner experience of the voice, for our own enjoyment, rather than on methods to modify the outer performance of the sound to meet the standards of others, “performance anxiety” is gracefully removed in order to access the spring of infinite creative sounding that is everyone’s potential.

~ Explore your relationship to your voice
~ Explore intonation, range, flexibility, and expressiveness of the voice
~ Heighten focus through sounding and singing
~ Heighten awareness of vibration, frequency, energy field
~ Learn practical tools to take home
~ Emerge with a greater understanding of your personal energetic blocks and practical tools to access and support your voice.
~ Increase confidence in your voice
~ Recognize authentic expression and heart-centered communication
~ Clear the pathway between your heart and actuated expression in the world


~ Releasing self-judgement
~ Gaining awareness of and letting go of the myths you have about your voice;
~ Using your authentic voice
~ Connecting to the source of your voice
~ Embodying the pure potential of your unique vibration
~ Forgiving and releasing what has been standing in your way



“I attended one of Kimberly’s workshops (The Yoga of Sacred Song) and it was a magical experience. I have been wanting to cultivate my voice for many years, and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to do so. I felt that Kim’s class, showing up to me at the time it did, was a blessing from above. Kimberly’s loving energy made the class joyful and fun, and her practical and applicable instruction gave me real tools I could bring home and practice with. She helped me to recognize and take steps to move past judgements and myths I have believed about my own ability to sing and express myself through song. After class I felt lighter and more connected to life… and I have a new level of confidence and belief in my ability to sing. I only hope there are more workshops to attend in the future!” — Sonia R.

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Kimberly Haynes has dedicated her life to healing through sound and music.  A survivor of childhood trauma, she spent many years lost in a cycle of anxiety, addictions, and self-destructive patterns.  Through intense spiritual practice, fierce determination, and a deeply devotional relationship to her craft, Kimberly was able to lift herself out of destruction. In doing the painstaking work of recovery, release, and finally healing the wounds of her soul, she is a uniquely qualified guide for those seeking reconnection with their true voice, both inner and outer.

With a vast reservoir of experience and insight into the transformative power of music and singing, Kimberly’s background includes:

30+ years of vocal pedagogy,
20 years study of sacred music from around the world,
15 years Jewish studies and cantorial service in a Los Angeles synagogue,
Deep, continuous study and practice of yogic science
5 years apprenticeship in sound healing gatherings and traditional South American ritual
3 years study of Kirtan (Indian chanting)
3 years leading Sacred Song Circles
Found of Yoga of Voice & Vibration
Award winning recording artist

Kimberly has been blessed to bring sacred song intensives and song healing ceremonies to those who, like her, seek a deeper connection to all that is.


October 20, 2018
October 21, 2018
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Kimberly Haynes
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