Hi everyone!

 Wow!  I can’t believe its been over a month since my last blog!   And so much has happened, too!

On March 4, “Light of My Soul” went to #3 on the SoundCloud singer/songwriter charts and I was totally wowed.

BUT THEN…. it went to #1 on March 5 and stayed there for a whopping 10 days.

LOMS has now reached almost 1million people!  Exciting stuff!

The SoundCloud page is now filled with really beautiful reviews from people all over the world who have now heard ‘Light of My Soul.’

It’s really moving for me to read.

I’m also honored to have been invited to contribute a composition to the Sounds from the Circle VIII, the 8th New Age Musik Circle album.

For the past 7 years Suzanne Doucet, internationally renowned New Age artist/consultant and founder of the international social network – New Age Musik Circle Forum – together with her associate Beth Ann Hilton have released an MP3 compilation album, touted as one of the year’s most significant releases in the new age music genre and sub-genres, including ambient, chill out, instrumental, meditation, nature, solo piano, space, world music, and now, vocals!
Suzanne Doucet at newagemusic.com

Promoter and publicist Beth Ann Hilton at TheBCompany.com.
Suzanne will choose between LOMS or my NEW single, AWAKEN ME, set to release on Monday!  Just in time for the Spring Equinox!  Here’s the cover!