Yes, family and friends! It’s here!
I have put the last two years of my life, all my heart and soul, into the making of this album.
It is now in physical form and can be in your hands in just a few weeks.

Advance sales give the album a chance to be charted, so if you are considering buying a CD, for yourself or as gifts for others, please do so now by clicking on the picture below ?

iTunes will be happening this week, too!
The international radio/print promotion begins today!

Keep your ear on the radio for tracks from the album.
I’m very excited to see what happens as the album starts getting played and reviewed.


OCTOBER 1, 2016

PLEASE put it on your calendar.
Team “Awaken Me” is still working out the details, but definitely plan to be there!
More on this soon!

In gratitude always,


********Here’s a fun video for you!*********