Please join me for one night as I take my new album into a live performance venue for the first time ever.

The evening will be a dynamic, uplifting, and interactive experience thriving on the energy of music, joy, and community in styles ranging from acoustic pop and world beat to meditative journeys.




We will gather to celebrate the release of the album and in support of an organization near and dear to my heart…

ALL profits from this event directly to Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services (  
This beautiful organization has been providing quality mental health and substance abuse treatment in Southern California since 1942, with 11 centers throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties, offering a variety of services to adults, seniors, families, children, military families where stigma or poverty might limit access, including:
  • crisis counseling
  • substance abuse and prevention
  • suicide crisis line
  • trauma counseling
  • school programs in under-priviliged areas
  • and much more.
I have personally benefited from this organization at one of the darkest times of my life.  
My life was quite literally saved.
I am taking this opportunity to give back.

“Kimberly Haynes has made something here that is truly wonderful in all aspects of its creation, one can create a beautiful album, but it’s even more special when that creation is born from the passion of a heart felt truth. Vito Gregoli has done a supreme job in producing this release and using the talents of Tina Malia, Christo Pellani, Peter Kater, Jesus Florido and Byron Metcalf was a stoke of utter genius, if this album isn’t a massive global hit, there is no justice in the music business anymore, this is an album that everyone should have.”  ~~ Steve Sheppard, One World Music

“Kimberly’s music harmoniously weaves inspirational heart-felt lyrics into a rich tapestry of world instruments to create poetic reflections of her inner landscape.  
The spectrum of her pure and passionate vocal performance evokes both the tenderness of a mother’s touch and the ancient feminine power of a tribal priestess singing her truth”. ~Natascha Wilczek

“Haynes’ gentle, soothing, wistful, and haunting voice reaches resplendent passions…At every point, sincerity rings through, and the two constituents, the vocal and instrumental elements, serve as bolsters to each other in the subtlest but most suffused of ways…not only are her deliveries satiny and mellifluous but this woman boasts excellent compositional skills as well, the lion’s share of the cuts.”
– Veritus Vampirus – The Rude-imentary Truth


The band: Vito Gregoli (co-producer/musical director); Christo Pellani (percussion); Larry Steen (bass); Nichol Chase (vocals); Joanne Lazzaro (flutes); Jesus Florido (violin); Benjamin Malcolm (Didjeridu); Michel Tyabji (percussion); and other guest artists you won’t want to miss.