BhaktiFest was such an exciting time!
I made a lot of new friends and sang for some wonderful yoga classes w Emily Perry, Laura Plumb, and others.  My heart was blown open by the warm welcome from my bhakti brothers and sisters and I’m looking forward to future gatherings.

Here’s a pic of my Thursday set on the Hanuman Stage with my awesome band! Vito Gregoli (guitar and everything else), Matthew Hufschmidt (drums), Greg Barnett (bass), and Steve Gorn (bansuri). We had a blast!

The weather was actually pretty nice with a high of 98. I was so happy it wasn’t 118!  The food was vegetarian/vegan fare and super delicious. All the artists were superb and it was so sweet to be immersed in the bhakti sounds of chanting the holy names for 4 days!  Deepak Chopra made his appearances on Saturday – super cool.  Being backstage for that was fun 😉 They also provided a massage tent for the artists which was VERY welcome as we were all toting around a lot of gear going from stage to stage or class to class to sing and play. I learned so much by observing my highly accomplished peers on stage. It was super educational – and I will be bringing all that delicious bhav with me when we hit