Last month I talked about my secret sauce to staying inspired and writing songs. As promised, I’ve written a more in-depth article. Here’s a short excerpt, and a link to read on:

“When I first began this practice, I was really looking for something tangible as a result. A ‘concrete benefit.’ Something more than just accessing peace, stability, and clarity. This is actually very funny! What could possibly be better than moving out of confusion, anxiety and stuckness and into calm, creative, inspired, and intuitive?”  More…



Nectar of Song Promo Poster

Me & Baraka Moon

~ An evening like none other ~


With a host of my own new material that I’m excited to share, I’m also joining forces with the musical genius that is BARAKA MOON. Baraka Moon delivers pulsing, soulful and spiritually charged dance music with a positive message of peace for the whole world!  Uniting influences from mystical Sufi trance songs, Indian ragas, African beats & the Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo. Baraka Moon is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’m thrilled they are coming down to create a very special night of music and ecstatic dance with ME! And YOU! 

Take a moment to listen to the ONE-MINUTE video below.

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Wonderful nearby restaurants

• Ample, easy parking

• Vendors including hand-crafted jewelry & Ayurvedic wellness potions

I’m super excited about putting this special night together and I really can’t wait to see you there.

With love, Kim.




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